The Arioneo Orscana: Horse Monitoring in 2017

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“This is a brilliant device” – Richard Davison, Four-time Olympian and former World Class Dressage Performance Manager.

In 2 years, Arioneo have become the experts in linking connected systems to horses. Launched in France in October 2016, Orscana is an intelligent sensor that provides all horse owners with the ability to better understand their charges needs.


Orscana was invented because of scientific studies on thermoregulation (the natural temperature of a horse) carried out in conjunction with the IFCE and INRA driven by Christine Briand. This work allowed Arioneo to identify the thermal comfort zone across breeds and where to place the sensor that would guarantee accurate data. In conjunction with the findings of the studies, the R&D team at Arioneo developed intelligent algorithms that allow Orscana to detect 4 distinct levels of a horse’s movement, lying down, standing calmly, active and where a horse is agitated.
Each algorithm was validated by a large series of tests combining video and statistical analysis.

Want to know that your horse has the right rugs on? Want to know what your horse gets up to when you are not there? Everyone battles with the same problem of which rug to use and when. As human beings, we can take an educated guess but we are unable to gauge the temperature beneath rugs nor monitor moisture levels or track our horse’s movements at rest. This is where technology takes over provides us with the answers straight to an app on our phone, giving your horses a voice in the decisions you make for their wellbeing.


Studies have produced evidence that there is a higher case of respiratory disease if the correct rugs are not used at the right time. It is notable where a rider immediately rugs after exercise. It is at that moment that the sweat levels rise and the body temperature decreases. With the incorrect rugs a horse is less able to deal with the heat and will sweat more. With the Orscana sensor you are able to monitor temperature and humidity levels and are able to know exactly the right time to change from a cooler to a stable rug.

“The Arioneo Orscana is a genius idea! Using the monitor and app gives me detailed and objective feedback in near real time as to the wellbeing of my horses. It is another string to the bow of understanding my horse’s performance better. Analysis can now start from the stable.”  – Bert Sheffield, Canadian Paralympian & Dressage Rider 


Many of us will recognize the daily dilemma of deciding which rug or rugs to use. It is a subject of much discussion on big and small, professional and amateur yards alike. With changeable weather across all seasons getting it right is a difficult ask. With the release of Orscana, using your horses breed, age, gender and coat type combined with the temperature and humidity readings of your horse and linking it to your local weather forecast you can now make the correct decision of which rug or rugs to use for the stable or paddock.

“This is a brilliant device. Given today’s climate, and the artificial environments we subject our horses to, it’s difficult for both professionals and amateurs alike to select the appropriate rug for each individual horse. To be able to monitor your horse remotely is fantastic and will undoubtedly result in healthier and more comfortable horses. It’s other ‘live’ data is also helpful for checking how much rest your horse is getting when you are not in the stable and we know that can be critical for optimum performance.” – Richard Davison,  Four-time Olympian and former World Class Dressage Performance Manager


As the application is on your mobile phone, a rider knows in real time if the horse requires a different weight of rug during the journey.
Two of the Jump Five Showjumping Team have been using Orscana for several months…and they wouldn’t be without it whether at home or on the road. Kevin Staut and Patrice Delaveau follow the data on their horses day after day.
Patrice Delaveau stated “Orscana helps us a lot on journeys in the horsebox. Before Orscana, if the grooms had any doubt they needed to stop, check the horses manually and see if they were too hot or too cold. In Autumn and Spring, infact all seasons we have had trouble to work out these aspects. With Orscana, we can anticipate the situation.” The world’s number 6 Kevin Staut explains, “It is important for us to know in real time the temperature, body movement and humidity in addition to the cameras. Even if we know the temperature in the cab, we do not know if the horses are too hot or too cold. I like to have air in the lorry even in Winter, but on the road the horses often sweat more. Orscana allows us to know if each horse is comfortable.”


Patrice explains “It is very important to us to see if our horses have had a restful night or if they have been disturbed especially before a competition”.
Orscana is used to understand how horses are behaving when not under our watchful eye. This can be particularly useful for horses in rehab, on box rest or prone to colic for example.


Orscana is a sensor that is attached on the inside of any rug at the dip in the hip of the horse. It is linked via Bluetooth to the Orscana application on your mobile phone that is downloaded from the AppStore or the Playstore. Kevin adds “Orscana is an extremely intuitive product and very easy to use”. Whether you are a Professional Rider or a Grassroots Rider, a groom or a Horse Transport Professional this little piece of technology should quickly become one of your best companions.

“We have started using Orscana on the yard and are finding the information really useful, and not necessarily what you would have thought you knew about your horse!” – Dan Greenwood, Dressage Rider & Coach.