Orscana – Designed to Monitor Your Horse at Rest

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Inspired by advances in human health monitoring, the Orscana Horse Monitor provides connected sensors that analyze your horses health and wellbeing. A first in horse care management.

Designed to be hung on any rug, it measures temperature, moisture and your horse’s movements.

This innovative technology advises you which type of rug would most benefit your horse, whilst taking, into account the weather, and your horses general wellbeing. It also analyses activity through the day and night and anticipates needs for the following night in conjunction with the local weather forecast.

This connecting sensor hangs underneath all rug types just above the hollow of the horse’s hip, allowing you the ability to monitor all aspects of your horse’s wellbeing.

With a clever system to hook the device onto any rug, Orscana lets you know which rug you should be using for what conditions whether your horse is in the stable, paddock or in transit. It will predict which rug you should be using based on the previous night’s data in conjunction with weather forecasts. It provides insight into your horse’s life, how long they are lying down, if they are calm or stressed and when they are moving, giving you a complete view into their daily lives.

We should not necessarily judge what “clothing” our horses need based on how we feel for two very good reasons. The first is of course that the horse has a fur coat. The second, is that due to its size the horse does not lose heat as rapidly as we do. So, at the same temperature the horse will feel warmer than we do! Orscana takes the guess work out.

  • 30 Storage days
  • 100ft radius
  • withstands equine impact-
  • Available on iOS 8.0+ and Android 4.4+-
  • Bluetooth Technology BLE 4.0
  • 6 months battery life

Orscana Muted Version from Arioneo on Vimeo.

First steps with Orscana

Once you have purchased the Orscana monitor the Free App is available on the App store and the Google Play store.

This video answers the following questions :

  1. How do I install and set-up the app ?
  2. How do I connect my sensor to my phone ?
  3. How do I add another sensor?
  4. You can add an unlimited number of sensors to your app