Beta Biothane Breastplate


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Black Beta Biothane Breastplate

with stainless steel hardware.

This is a typical English style, designed for comfort, that fits any style of saddle because it is completely adjustable.
The center piece going to the girth also includes a stainless steel snap for easy attachment.
This Black Beta Biothane Breastplate design will not rub or make your horses shoulders stiff and sore, it is designed to stay in place, and be worn for hundreds of miles at a time.

This Black Beta Biothane Breastplate Features 3/4 inch beta BioThane over mane, along chest and to girth 1/2″ inch  Beta BioThane overlay along 2 chest pieces and to girth 5/8 inch beta BioThane attachments to saddle stainless steel hardware fully adjustable over mane, along chest, to saddle and to girth hardware specific for English or western/endurance rigging

I import the Breastplate in Black Beta Biothane from the US to give riders more choice in the equipment they buy. The beta Biothane is soft yet extremely hard wearing , and easy to clean and of course with stainless steel fittings this breastplate will stay looking great for a long time.

The Picture shows a black / royal breastplate but the ones for sale are all black only.

Colour: Black  Size:  arab or full