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Clipper – Lister Star is  a powerful, fast and efficient clipper that maintains a constant speed even in areas where the coat becomes particularly thick.

PREPARING THE ANIMAL The clipper cannot be expected to cut properly if the animal is wet and dirty. THE ANIMAL MUST BE CLEAN AND DRY. Ideally, shampoo and rinse the coat a few days before clipping. The building floor should also be clean and dry. Clip horses before the coat grows thick and clip frequently to maintain an even length. If the legs are clipped use standard blades, whereas the body may be clipped with standard or fine blades.

Stretch the skin flat with the hand and as far as possible cut against the direction the coat grows. Glide over the skin with the blade. Stop clipping at intervals to brush off the coat and oil the blades.

The clipper is fitted with an overload protection switch, which will trip if the clipper is overloaded. Should this occur, the unit should be thoroughly checked before fully depressing the button to reset. The button is situated at the backend of the motor body

Reason To Buy: The biggest selling clipper in its class, this slim line, lightweight clipper is an ideal starting point for those looking to achieve a world class finish for their horse.

* Designed with a ergonomic grip and a
lightweight body.
* Powerful 45W permanent magnet motor
* Ventilated head technology provides constant working speed.
* Quiet operation
* Overload switch to protect the motor
* Replaceable air filters
* Carry case with tools & service equipment.

  • Weight: 800g
  • Grip Diameter: 57mm
  • Power Source: Mains

* Made in Europe.