KER Endura-Max Paste 60g Single Tube

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KER Endura-Max Paste 60g Single Tube

Buffered oral electrolyte paste for endurance horses

Endura-Max Paste is specifically designed to support the unique nutritional requirements of endurance horses. It contains essential electrolytes, magnesium and calcium combined with the protective properties of a buffering agent to provide a protective coating and to buffer stomach acid in an easy-to-administer paste.

Features & Benefits: 

  • Balanced formula to replace electrolytes, plus calcium and magnesium lost as a result of excessive sweating.
  • Assists in stimulation of drinking and rehydration of hardworking horses.
  • Buffered formula can be used as an alternative to conventional powdered electrolytes for horses prone to gastric ulceration.
  • Can be used strategically as a supplement prior to, during and after endurance rides.

Feeding Recommendations: 

Endurance Horses • 30-60g

  • For immediate oral supplementation or pre-loading prior to a competition, use half to one tube (30-60g) of Endura-Max Paste.
  • During an endurance ride a horse should receive approximately one tube every two hours during the ride or at each vet check depending on ambient conditions, and then following the ride. Electrolytes are best administered following a large drink of water whenever possible. If given just before leaving to go out on the next leg of a ride ensure the horse is offered water at the next available water point or ideally within 30 minutes.

Performance Horses • 30g

For immediate oral supplementation, or pre-loading prior to competition, use half to one tube of Endura-Max Paste.

Sodium 5,670,mg 9.45%
Chloride 12,000mg 20.00%
Potassium 3,750mg 6.25%
Calcium 750mg 1.25%
Magnesium 192mg 0.32%