Burioni Endurance Pad


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Burioni Endurance Pad

  • Synthetic Cool Back Saddle pad from Italy
  • Measures 63cm down the back of the horse and 112cm across
  • Colours: Black, Royal Blue, Red & Green (Can order in: Yellow, Cream, Brown, White )

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Burioni saddle cloth

Very happy with my purchase
I will be nominating for my second eighty km Endurance ride in august and needed a new saddle cloth to stop saddle sore on the near side
Will advise how we go after the next fnera Endurance ride but so far very satisfied


The really nice aspect of the Burioni saddle cloths is that they clear the back of the horse really well i.e. don't brace across the withers. This cloth is more suited to a horse that doesn't have much coverage over the ribs and/or might be a bit angular under the saddle i.e. fitter & leaner than my mount. Quite thick & padded compared to the other Burioni's I've used. Giving it three stars because it didn't suit the horse I was riding (Roly Poly Jolie) difficult to get the girth tensioned appropriately & had a bit of a problem with the saddle rolling when mounting. I'm sure that it would settle though with use. Didn't move up and down the Faraway hills and no dry patches. Didn't feel heavy with sweat after use. An excellent quality product.


I test rode the Burioni saddle cloth on my Arabian mare over varying distances . Although the cloth sits evenly on her back I found that it is very thick and bulky and I had difficulty girthing her up firm enough to stop the saddle and cloth from slipping from side to side unless I was on her and then I required another person to do the girth .Once girthed correctly the cloth did not slip at all , I also felt that it was rather a hot saddle cloth.The cloth did not cause any rub marks on her