EZ Ride Nylon Caged Stirrups


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EZ Ride Nylon Caged Stirrups

EZ Ride Stirrups by EasyCare are the top-selling stirrups for endurance riders. They are incredibly shock-absorbing and will fit any saddle.

The Nylon Caged Stirrup are 5 inches wide from side-to-side and 4 inches deep from toe to heel, allowing for the best possible weight distribution throughout the foot.
Now with New soft tread stirrups pads.
The new tread pattern has large raised, soft, pimples designed to provide greater comfort for riders feet as well as providing greater grip in wet and muddy conditions.

Stirrups come in several different top bar sizes to fit your type of saddle.
The top Bar width is decided by the width of your stirrup straps or fenders.

This product is not indestructible,
All gear should be checked for wear & tear before riding.


Colour Black

Customer Reviews

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Goodbye sore ankles!

I absolutely love these stirrups, they are worth every cent. Lightweight, but roomy and so comfortable. Our long slow walks used to be terrible for me with ankle pain making me dread them. Not anymore!


These stirrups are amazing. They really help to support and cushion knees especially if you're doing a lot of trotting. This was the biggest seller to me as I was getting knee pain on long rides. I also felt more supported and my feet felt more planted in them. They also allow to wear a comfortable boot. Very supportive as more of your sole gets support due to the length. I wouldn't use any other stirrups now I have these.


I love, love, LOVE these stirrups. I almost cried when paying for them don't get me wrong- but you truly can't put a price on comfort. The very first time I trotted with these I immediately felt the difference- much less impact coming up through my legs. Huge wide base so no matter which angle your foot is at it's getting plenty of support. And if you need to change the bar width for different saddles, you can just buy new bars (that easy!) Highly recommended.