Flex Ride Caged Stirrups


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Flex Ride Caged Stirrups
Designed by Endurance Riders for Endurance Riders. The stirrups “flex” when the riders weight is put on them – dissipating shock away from the riders leg and horses back.
These stirrups have been successfully used for over 30 years across the world.
Suitable for riders up to 14 st in weight and shoe size UK9 they are recommended only for Endurance riding and general hacking.
Each pair are “handed” (Left and Right) and they have been proved to reduce pain in the knees, pain in the balls of the feet, reduce pins & needles in the feet and toes and alleviate shin splints.

Flex Ride Caged Stirrups are –
* Lightweight – only 500g a pair
* Slightly offset helps stabilize foot and relieve knee pain.

This stirrup is smaller in size and not suitable for most men.
* one size top bar for either a 5 cm or  2 inch fender or 2.5cm or 1 inch stirrup strap.
This stirrup flex’s to movement and does not have the 1” rubber padding of other styles.

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Thrilled recipient

Flex Ride Caged stirrups

These are my second pair - because I brought a second saddle. My first pair are still just as fabulous after ten plus years and many hundreds of kilometers!.
I also have cleaned them up and used them for low level dressage as I love their lightness. They are neat and compact but still have the safety of a cage. Most of the other brands are very heavy and clunky in design.


I've owned a pair of these for 17 years, and they are still going strong - even after accidently reversing over one of them in my Nissan Patrol wagon! They're obviously very strong/durable and are also comfy to ride in.