Gidgee Eyes Liberty Sunglasses

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Gidgee Eyes Liberty Sunglasses

Are Light weight with flexible frames and Diamante detail on the side

Adjustable nose piece

Interchangeable lens included

The Difference in lens colour-

Specifically, the grey lens is the most common type of lens colour. Transmits all colours evenly without changing value of colour. Light enough not to impair vision, yet dark enough to provide overall protection from glare. Excellent for bright sunny days. Grey tint is best for bright light situations like outdoor sports because it blocks out the brightest of the suns rays.

Brown, warmer lenses are especially good at blocking the blue light commonly found in diffused light such as one might experience on a cloudy day. Brown can improve both contrast and depth perception, reduce glare and is a good all-around choice if you live in an area with changeable weather patterns. Brown is also best for lower light situations, like riding in the late afternoon or early morning. Brownish tint lens helps highlight the different contrasts in green colours and enhance visual acuity on the golf course

These sunglasses are packaged in a hard case, with a microfibre cleaning bag.

1 Year Warranty