Leovet Mineral Pack w/Arnica

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Leovet Mineral Pack w/Arnica
For Healthy horse legs

1500g Tub
This mineral pack with Arnica is ready to use and easy to apply.
The clays naturally active substances and mineral penetrate deeply, revitalising strained and over worked legs.
Its special formula provides suppiort for healthy muscles and joints.

• Clay earth makes for healthy horse legs.
• This combination of Clay and Arnica is highly effective.
• Natural active substances and minerals regenerate, mobilize and activate, for a deep effect.
• Smooth, soft and really easy to apply.
* Upon drying, the crust mostly falls off on its own. Any remaining residue can easily be brushed away.

  • do not use within 48 hours of competition

Customer Reviews

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Smooth to apply and effective

This stuff is very effective. I’ve even used it on a hand injury on myself and it pulled the heat right out of rope burns 🤷🏼‍♀️ It really tightens legs up after a hard work out


I only used the Arnica poultice for the first time at the Qld Sate Championship.
My horse did the 160 km, and when we were finished i poulticed and bandaged his legs, and had no swelling in the morning. The poultice was also easier to get off, just with a brush.
Super impressed