Martingale Rings


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Zilco Martingale Rings
These Zilco Martingale Rings are adjustable and come in 14 vibrant colours with light Stainless Steel clips.
They must be used with rein Stoppers.

This Zilco Martingale Ring is designed to clip to the centre ring on all Zilco deluxe endurance breastplates. The rings feed through the reins to act like a running martingale.
A Running Martingale is used on a horse to give a rider extra control by preventing a horse from raising its head above a point where it can be controlled. The rule of thumb length for a running martingale is that it should be about the same height as the withers, It is not meant to pull a horses head down.

A running martingale acts by adding leverage through the bridle reins to the bit on to the bars of the horse’s mouth.

This action is applied by a running martingale when the horse raises its head too high causing the martingale to put pressure on the reins.

This pressure encourages the horse or pony to lower its head.

Choose from 14 vibrant colours: You can match the colours of all your gear by using the deluxe breastplate, reins & bridles,

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Great product, I have been using it since I received it. And it's great.
Very happy with it.


Martingale Rings