Matrix English Coolback Pad

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Matrix English Coolback Saddle Pad

The Matrix Endurance English pads / and inserts are specifically designed for endurance riding. Offering the maximum amount of protection, support and breathability required for intense long distance riding.

This saddle pad has been designed to be used with the Matrix Inserts but can also be used on its own.
Choose the English Matrix Insert that most suits your needs –
Pro Insert or Ortho Insert.

These saddle pads offer a fleece bottom that is bi-level. This means there is 1″ of pile under the saddle and 1/2′ of pile below the leg. This allows for improved heat dispersal. The fleece stops on either side of the girth area allowing close contact. Hook and loop billet straps and girth straps.

The Coolback bottom lining is formulated to withstand the challenges of equestrian riding. With it breathability, density and thickness it gives durability and great protection.

Measurements: 25″ Spine X 41″ Flap to Flap

The Inserts are purchased separately so you can switch inserts for different horses or different needs using the same pad.

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