ORSCANA Horse Monitor

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ORSCANA Horse Monitor
If using the Monitor on horses in a paddock please SEW the Pouch onto your rug and insert the monitor into the pouch.
Read the Orscana Manual before use.

Use the latest technology to maximize any horse’s comfort. Orscana is a blanket-mounted equine monitor. It tracks temperature and sweating while analyzing movement, whether in or out of the stable. Using weather reports and data about each horse, it calculates optimum comfort conditions, making it easy to choose the right blanketing solution. A sophisticated warning system shows when the horse exhibits signs of stress or discomfort, which could indicate possible health concerns.

With a clever system to hook the device onto any rug, Orscana lets you know which rug you should be using for what conditions whether your horse is in the stable, paddock or in transit. It will predict which rug you should be using based on the previous night’s data in conjunction with weather forecasts. It provides insight into your horses life, how long they are lying down, if they are calm or stressed and when they are moving , giving you a complete view into their daily lives.
1) Read the instructions in the box/leaflet and read the FAQ’s before you start.

2) The fixing system is only for travelling. If you use it for the every day it will not withstand your horse’s activities. It is in the FAQ’s and on the leaflet. (We will not replace anymore).

3) When you put the sensor into the pocket of your rug, make sure that the metal Arioneo disk is facing/closest to your horse. This minimises the risk of the Orscana being inadvertently switched off.

4) For every day use sew the pockets into the rugs.

5) Look at the Arioneo website for video instructions. https://www.arioneo.com/en/home/assistance/

6) Upgrade the sensor. Have your sensor by your phone and switched on, go into Your Horse, hit the icon with the tray and the downward facing arrow, the software will then be upgraded.

The Orscana monitor is attached on the inside of any rug at the dip of the hip of the horse & tracks temperature, movement, and humidity
Gathers up to 30 days of data at a time
Uses weather data to send user optimum blanketing recommendation
For use in the barn, turnout, and traveling
Free App available for iOS and Android

User Manual Orscana_EN

an Orscana Sensor
A complete fixture system
User guide
A battery


Customer Reviews

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Great idea but needs more

The orscana is a fantastic idea however I have not been satisfied with this product. There are not enough features for the price and the graphs can be uninformative and difficult to read. The range claims to be 30m however I can only get connection standing right next to my horse. The other issue is that it randomly turns off annoyingly regularly so my horse is not being recorded. More details I would like to see include; times that horse was in different moving categories (eg if my horse is disturbed I would like to know when, if he is lying down I would like to know when etc), easier to read graphs and an improved range. If this is something that could possibly run off wifi that would be amazing too, so that I can spy on my horse from anywhere. I hope there is another release of this product in the future and I look forward to buying it as it is a great idea just needs some further work!