Polar Equine heart rate monitor for riding


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Polar Equine Heart Rate Monitor for Riding

  • The Polar Equine heart rate monitor helps you monitor how effectively your horse is training.
  • The Polar Equine riding belt is designed to fit perfectly under the saddle, so it’s comfortable and safe to use and can be used for all equestrian sports.
  • Monitor your horse’s heart rate with any Bluetooth-compatible Polar sports watch or on your phone with the free Polar Equine App (available from Google Play).
  • The Polar Equine heart rate monitor for riding includes the Polar H10 heart rate sensor and the Polar Equine heart rate belt for riding.

iPhone: Set-up first time only

  • App Store > type in Polar Beat in the Search bar > Search > Polar Beat: Running > Press the cloud button to download the app > Open
  • Polar Beat would like to Use Bluetooth > press OK
  • You can Sign in (set-up an account) however if you just want to get started press the Continue button, fill approximate details in for yourself > Continue > Allow Polar Beat to use your location “Allow while using App”
  • Ensure the horse is wearing the belt
  • Click Settings > click HR Sensor > Polar H10 ID will display > click PAIR > click close > click back > click training > heart rate will appear in blue circle top LHS > to commence a training session > click start
  • Once the device is paired, all you will need to do for future sessions as along as the horse has the handlebar presses against it you just need to open the app & click start.

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