SL Single Harness – Shetland


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SL Single Harness – Shetland

The Zilco SL Shetland harnesses have been designed to suit shetlands and small ponies for pleasure or show driving.

    • Light to handle yet smart, sturdy and comfortable for all levels of competition
    • Made from Zilco’s superb quality materials and include stainless steel fittings for effortless wipe-free maintenance
    • Flexible, treeless saddle gives a comfortable fit on all types of conformation
    • The bridle features a variable length browband to allow for thick forlocks and broad foreheads.

The throatlash is set back from the headpiece and has extensive adjustment to help prevent ponies with thick manes and small ears from scratching their bridles off

  • Elegantly shaped blinkers help to show off pretty little heads
  • Single Harness – Black
  • Shetland Size

Kit Components include:

1 SL Bridle – Shetland
1 S-Grip Single Driving Reins – Shetland
1 SL Single Breastplate – Shetland/Sml Pony
1 SL Marathon Style Shaft Loops
1 SL False Belly Band – Shetland
1 SL Breeching – Shetland
1 SL Single Breeching Straps – Shetland/Small Pony
1 Dee & Slot End (25mm) Traces – 145cm
1 12mm Trace Carry Straps – Short
1 SL Saddle – Shetland
1 SL Driving Girth – 35cm
1 SL Crupper – Shetland
1 Zilco Harness Racing Bag