Endurance Crupper


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Endurance Crupper

  • This excellent Zilco Black Crupper with stainless steel hardware features a seamless mouldable dock that will hold any tail set. It is very easy to mould  into the shape of your horses tail area. There are No bulky stitches under the horses tail, totally smooth no seams at all, which is important for this most sensitive under-the-tail area.
  • This Zilco Crupper Resists dirt and can be wiped clean with water. It is the best biothane crupper around and an essential piece of tack for trail and endurance horses that don’t have much of a whither.
  • This crupper holds your saddle and prevents forward movement when travelling in hilly country.
  • Handling the tail is one of the most important parts of getting your horse ready to use a crupper. They are really necessary on steep hills for horses where the saddle may slip forward.  If the horse has good withers they aren’t as necessary.
  • This cruppers is one size fits all and only comes in BLACK.

Customer Reviews

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Gloria Mills

Very good quality product and service- Thank you

Zilco crupper

Made well easy to shape around horse tail adequate padding ect ,Happy just wish for more color options


Never had to use a crupper before on any of my horses but my 4 year old 1/2 Arabian filly just didn't feel like she had the neck and withers to keep the saddle from slipping over her neck on steep down hills. This Zilco crupper was easy to use and easy to fit. Khaleesi didn't seem bothered by it at all and I feel much safer. I absolutely love the quality of the Zilco products and this crupper was very well made and had ton's of places to adjust for the perfect fit. Thanks.