Zilco Deluxe Endurance Bridle


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Zilco Deluxe Endurance Bridle

The Zilco Deluxe Endurance Bridle offers the option to quickly remove the browband and bit hangers (bridle part), while leaving the halter part in place.
This is done by simply releasing the snaps on the browband and taking the bit out of the horses mouth along with the bridle part.Leaving the halter only in place. This is really useful when you arrive back into the ride base, you can quickly turn your bridle into a halter to go straight to the vet ring or to allow your horse to eat and drink freely more quickly.
All fittings are made of smaller lighter stainless steel hardware. The Bridle and halter is made from woven webbing, coated with a co-polymer that is wonderfully easy to maintain, and great strength and looks, and flexibility over a large temperature range.

The Zilco Deluxe Endurance Bridle is a two part model that offers you the opportunity to mix and match the bridle part and the halter part.
The Arab size has been designed to fit Arabian type horses, however this bridle offers enough adjustment to fit some larger horses.

This bridle comes with a bridle part and a halter part. In the same colour.


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