Zilco Equine Ice Boots


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Zilco Equine Ice Boots

Zilco Equine Ice Boots can aid in injury prevention and significantly reduce swelling and soreness to speed up the recovery process.
Machine washable fleece lined boots with removable,reuseble inserts.

Horses exert large amounts of pressure on their legs simply from day to day activities.

With correct use the Zilco Equine Ice Boots can aid in injury prevention by reducing heat and swelling. By using Zilco Equine Ice Boots the recovery time of existing injuries can be vastly improved by the prevention of tissue breakdown caused by inflammation.

Each insert is made up of eight reinforced, mouldable gel pillows. This construction ensures contact is spread evenly to deliver ice cold therapy exactly where it is needed. Three velcro tabs secure the boots.

The Zilco Equine Ice Boots inserts contain a gelatinous substance with a form of anti freeze , that allows increased flexibility when frozen. This enables the boot to mould perfectly to your horses legs, yet maintian its shape as it thaws.

Simply freeze foe 2 hours and the boots will remain ice cold for up to 20 minutes.May be stored in the freezer for use as required and when competing keep in a insulated bag or cooler.

Product Specifications

    Sold as a pair with the gel inserts.

Note: Additional inserts are sold separately.

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Great customer service very helpful

Ice boots

Love the ice boots, easy to use, prompt postage and a little surprise pack of lollies πŸ˜‰thank you!

Ice boots

Simple and strong


Fantastic & super fast service! 😊

Better quality than I expected, great value

While at first glance it may appear as though she is wearing a pair of 80s-style aerobics leg-warmers, Lyric is actually sporting her brand new fleece-lined Zilco ice boots.
They help to cool her leg tendons and ligaments after a work out, especially on these warm days when the hose water doesn't really come out cold. They fit great and stay snug with easy to adjust velcro tabs; she hardly even seems to notice them on. Check out the model herself here https://www.facebook.com/christinearmishaweventing/posts/790498844643088?notif_id=1548020900434477&notif_t=page_post_reaction&ref=notif