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This Hackamore has Stainless steel fittings & black synthetic webbing .
This bit comprises of 3 main pieces.
* contoured & padded noseband
* stainless steel shanks
* adjustable curb strap / chain.
Combined these pieces use the same principle as a leverage bit by working off the nose. It uses pressure points on the face, nose, & chin instead of the horses mouth.
* The bridle is attached to the top ring of the shank
* the reins are attached to the bottom ring of the shank.
This type of bit is used by many riders for its versatility & comfort for the horse.

Product Specifications

Stainless Steel. Padded, contoured design with PVC waffle lining to create gentle action. The hackamore works via pressure points on the face, nose and chin.

Hackamores are particularly popular with western, endurance and showjump riders, but can also be helpful when starting young horses, or for horses with dental/mouth issues.

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