You’re standing in front of a vast selection of AA batteries.

ADVANCED, GOLD, SUPER HEAVY DUTY they yell at you. Some $3, others $20.

Are they really that different? Are they Worth It? The Batteries

We went to our closest Woolies and picked up four common AAx4 batteries, all at vastly different price points.

The batteries were as follows:

  • Chevron (home brand) Super Heavy Duty - $3
  • Eveready Gold - $6
  • Energizer Advanced - $10
  • Energizer Ultimate Lithium - $20  

The Test - To check the burn time of these batteries, we used our previous test machine from our headlight test which measures the brightness of a headlight against time.

We used a KORR Headlight as the Guinea Pig and ran each set of batteries through the headlight while the machine recorded each run.

The Results - To our surprise, the Lithium battery has come out as the brightest, and longest lasting battery!

All of the other batteries performed almost identically, and if you’re not looking for the extra brightness from the Lithium battery, we’d recommend sticking to the $3-$6 price point, as the $10 Energizer Advanced just aren’t worth it.